Why do I need a patch test?

Even if you have had a patch test before at another salon you will be required to have a patch test with us. We must be sure that you will have no reactions to the glue, tint or product we use. This can vary from salon to salon and allergic reaction can happen at any time, your safety is our priority. If you do not attend your patch test appointment we will have to refuse your treatment.

How long before my treatment will you require a patch test?

We require the patch test be done at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

What if I am late for my appointment ?

We understand that life sometimes slows us all down and we will always try to accommodate, however so as we don’t run over into another appointment please understand that at times this may hinder your beauty treatment.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes you can cancel your appointment online or using our app. We run a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Why do you need a deposits?

We ask for an hourly deposit so we can we limit clients not turning up for appointments and this helps everyone secure an appointment.

How much will my deposit be?

Please refer to bookings for amounts.

I need to change my appointment will I lose my deposit?

We offer a 24 hour cancellation policy and if adhered to this a full deposit refund will be given. Any cancellation made that is not within the 24 hour time period will not receive a refund. Deposit will be needed when booking the following treatment *Any non-surgical and skincare *Massage and well-being *Lash Extensions *Pedicure or Manicure Please ask your therapist on how much deposit is required.

What if I am not happy with my results after my treatment?

We strive to achieve the highest of standards at all times however if you are unhappy with final outcome of treatment we will endeavour to help with this. We spend time with every client prior to treatments to help gauge what you would like to achieve and help advise to the best of our knowledge, However sometimes the final outcome is dependent of the individual.

How old do I need to be to use sunbeds?

You MUST be !8 years or over to use sunbeds and you may be asked for proof of age.

How old do you need to be to have beauty treatments?

If you are 15 years old or younger we may request consent from a parent or guardian over the age of 18

What if I have a reaction?

If you have any kind of reaction to a patch test we will be unable to offer the treatment, however will be strive to find an alternative whenever possible. If In the very unlikely case you find that you have a reaction after the treatment is carried out then please contact as immediately so we can advise what is best to do or failing that contact your GP. We will always carry out a patch test prior to treatments so accept no responsibility to any allergic reaction that may happen after beauty treatment is carried out.

Will my photos be used online?

Only if you agree! We will always ask your permission to share pictures of you on social media or online.

Do you run a loyalty scheme?

Yes, please download our app to access your loyalty awards.

Is there a female or male masseur?

We have a fully qualified male masseur who has well over 15 years’ experience in clinical, medical and sport rehabilitation . Offering 100% professional treatments Phillip will put your mind at ease and is offering all massage services from sports therapy to holistic treatments.

Must I have use a sunbed cream for tanning to work?

No, you do not have to use creams however we offer a full range of accelerators and bronzers all of which help to boost tanning and moisturizes the skin helping to give you a lasting, deep, dark tan.

Do you supply eye protection?

We do supply disposable eye protection for free and also protective googles for a small fee.

Why do you need my email address?

We ask for your email address for our own data collection. We are fully data protection compliant and you will always have the option to unsubscribe to any marketing emails that we may send you. We will not share your details with any other party.