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Who Fancies Some Magic Mushrooms?

by Philip

Magic mushrooms are amazing!!

Don't tell me you haven't tried these yet!?






Magic Vitamin D enriched mushrooms that is!! ?


As most of you will know, vitamin D is the most deficient vitamin in the UK ☀️ 


It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people are deficient but don’t even know it. The UK guidelines suggest we need on average 400ius per day, but many respected nutrition experts suggest this needs to be much higher at around around 2000-5000ius per day. 


What are the health benign and implications of vitamin D?


To be honest this list could span hundreds of pages if I listed everything! To cut a long story short, without vitamin D we can not absorb Calcium and Phosphate which as I’m sure you will know is important. 


How long do I need to spend in the sun?


Well that depends on many varying factors such as age, skin type and colour, activity levels, cellular health, and about a dozen other things! If we took a ball park figure based on an average person, we are looking at around 30minutes per day. 


But than we need to take into consideration how much of your skin is on show. Oh and have we discussed yet the angle of the sun and it’s rays? 

There’s so much to think about, and in fact just being in the sun may not be enough. 


Luckily for us, it’s nature to the rescue (again!) in the form of food!! 


There are many high vitamin D foods such as fish, liver, eggs, real butter, and lots more. But as you’ve guessed it, today we will be talking about fungi!


Mushrooms to me and you ?


Just like animal skin, mushroom create a form of vitamin D when in contact with sunlight. But unlike its animal counterparts, mushrooms can continue to do this after they have been picked (I thought the term dead was a bit extreme in this instance!)


What does this mean for us?


Well firstly it means we are getting around 7ius per 100g of raw mushrooms just as they are bought from your local green grocers (come on people let’s support our local businesses!) 


But here’s the really amazing bit! If those basic store bought mushrooms are placed in direct sunlight they continue to synthesise vitamin D!! What more, the larger the surface area the more they make!!


You can almost increase your mushrooms vitamin D stores by up to 10 times if you follow this very simple ‘recipe’


Step 1:

Take a handful of mushrooms. Either a single variety, or a mixture of your favourites! 1 mushroom or 1000kgs, your choice! 


Step 2:

Slice the mushrooms as thinly as possible. 


Step 3:

Lay the mushrooms on a flat surface in direct sunlight. Your garden will do! 


Step 4:

Well, that’s it! 

Just leave them there. 

Allow them to go dry. The more you have the longer it will take. 


Once fully dried, store in an air tight container or jar. These supercharged vitamin D enriched bad boys will happily keep in a cool dry place for many years, and the flavour will become more intense over time. The vitamin D will keep for around 12-16 months which is plenty to ensure you have vitamin D for the winter months! ?


If you’re stuck what to do with them next drop me a message on our Facebook page or via email.




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