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Non-Surgical Face Lift

by Geri

⭐️Non-Surgical Face lift ⭐️

Our Non-Surgical Face Lift uses a combination of treatments including:
The radio waves create heat in the skin which causes the collagen in the skin to contract giving the skin a lifting affect and helping the skin create new collagen to reduce fine lines.
?‍♂️The red light therapy
works by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, to speed up skin repair
?‍♀️lymphatic drainage facial massage
To sooth and relax you, help to reduce stress, releases tension, reduces puffiness, acne & inflammation
?‍♂️Cleanse tone and moisturise using products to suit your skin type, making your skin feel fresh and smooth
?Its super relaxing and like 3 facials in one treatment! All in our brand new private room! ?

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